Life is short

A lot has happened recently to make me really evaluate what matters, and what life is truly about. To cut to the chase, I have emotionally been involved in two different cancer stories to different extents.

The first is a close family friend of ours, a mother of three young children, who is battling a cancer which is spreading over her body and which won't respond to chemotherapy. Even the thought of her dying makes me just shudder, and want to curl up in a ball and cry. Just thinking about it causes my heart to skink, I cannot describe the feeling in any other way. I think some of it must be to do with the fact that this could happen to anyone, and that it has happened to someone I know. And there is nothing that I nor anyone else can really do about it other than pray. Pray for a MIRACLE. It has been a real test of my faith, whether I believe with all my heart that God can perform miracles. He COMMANDS all of our hearts and for us to trust him fully. Jesus said, "'Love the Lord your God with all your passion and prayer and intelligence.' This is the most important, the first on any list'' (Matt 22:37). The first on any list, eh?. I wonder if this is the first on all of our lists...

The second case I heard through a friend in China. A friend of his - CongCong is an adult orphan, now 24. He grew up in the orphanage after his parents died when he was very young. He left the orphanage to find a job and worked really hard, bought a house, even married. But then he was diagnosed with acute leukaemia 6 months ago. His wife left him, and he had to stop working. His life has been tough to say the last these past few months. I was asked to help with a Care Campaign for him, to try and raise support for him to cover general expenses and medical expenses, and to ask people to pray for him. I made a video which i will post below. The thought of a 24 year old orphan suffering from cancer is heart breaking. He doesn't have parents to sit by his bedside and encourage and cheer him on, to pray with him and cry with him. 

So these two cases made me really think about how fragile human life really is. If not for God, then what is the point. Life is short, even if I live a full life. Who knows whats gong to happen in the meantime. It just makes me want to be in China all the more quickly. Waiting here seems so pointless, like why waste the opportunity to change orphans lives here at college or something. I know what the answer is to that, but its still not an easy one. Either way, God is teaching me to trust Him more. To have deeper faith, mountain moving faith. And above all else to love Him. 

head over to a blog for CongCong here or check out the video below. 


  1. I just wanted to let you know that I'm praying for you and your friends. I've lost close relatives to cancer, I know how hard that struggle is. I pray the Lord's sustaining grace and comfort will surround you all. His will be done.

    1. actually samantha, i was wondering how you found my blog?! i think its cool that you read through it every now and then! :)

  2. Well, I follow a bunch of adoption blogs, and happened across your article on here: I have another friend who has traveled to China with Bring Me Hope, so that caught my interest. I think I saw that you were following one of the blogs I was reading, and so found your blog that way.

    I've felt the Lord placing Chinese orphans on my heart since I was a little girl, so it's really neat to see someone else with the same passion. I hope to go myself one day! I don't think I could leave to go home, look at those little faces and I'd be captured! :-)

    1. awesome! We Are Grafted In is a great site alright! :)

      Bring Me Hope are great too! Yeah you should go some day, life changing experience, cannot put into words how incredible these orphans are. and yes, thats the suckish part - having to leave!

    2. I love this blog, too:

      I'd dearly love to bring some of those precious ones home!!! :-) So do you think you'll end up living in China someday? :-)

    3. Oh cool yeah, i've heard of NewDay before, they do summer teams which look great!
      I also follow Hannahs blog who has been on WAGI before and she lives and works there!

      are you at the stage in your life where you can adopt?
      hm... i always get asked that and to be honest i don't know... i'm not against the idea! i shall wait and see where God leads me. I have 3 years left at Uni, so i have a long time to decide and wait!

    4. Yeah, I just discovered that! I'm praying about going... :-) At this point, I'm not sure where in China the Lord may be leading me to go, or who with, so I'm waiting on Him for that and exploring options.
      I've been following Hannah's blog, too! I love her heart for the little ones.

      I ask myself that every day! :-) I am of an age to adopt, though not old enough to adopt from China yet. I do meet Hong Kong's age requirements, though, so I've been excitedly praying about that! A lot of things will have to fall into place for that to happen, so again, I'm waiting on the Lord to do what only He can do! Sooo hard to wait...

      I can identify with that, it's hard to tell what's ahead! Walking with God one step at a time is a huge adventure...! :-) What are you studying at University?

    5. International China Concern also do trips at different times throughout the year. I'm participating in their summer team this summer after 2 weeks with Bring Me Hope. they do some amazing things in China!
      there are so many different options, it can be overwhelming!

      Yeah, adoption would be a big step! I hope to adopt one day when i'm married. but that won't be for quite some time! haha

      I heard someone say this once, and it makes total sense in my life anyway, 'I know God has a plan for my life, but he keeps me on a need to know basis' haha which is so true, yet really difficult to wait.

      I'm studying Geography and Sociology, at Trinity College Dublin. if you know anything about dublin/ireland you will have heard of my University! not sure what i wanna do after that... possibly do a diploma in primary school teaching... but thats years away! ha
      what do you do?

    6. Great, I'll look into them, thanks! So have you heard if you've been accepted, then? I know you were waiting on that. :-)

      Yes, it would be! I've always felt that adoption is what I'm meant to do, it's just a matter of waiting for the Lord's timing. I always assumed it would happen after I married, also, but last year I felt the Lord asking me what I was waiting for? Children need both a father and a mother, but to a child that has nothing, wouldn't one loving parent be better than none? That's just something I've been thinking a lot about lately...

      Haha, that is a true statement! Sometimes I would sooo love to know exactly what to expect - what's coming next - and other times I'm so thankful that I can't!

      Those sound like interesting subjects of study! I always liked geography, too. I have heard of your University! :-) How do you like it?

      Currently, I'm working as a mother's helper (kind of a nanny and a housekeeper rolled into one) for a family with six kids (love 'em! :-), and I'm also a seamstress, so I do a lot of sewing and designing clothes. I also loooove acting, and I'm very involved in our local theatre here. That's my life in a nutshell! :-)

    7. Well I got acceptance from Bring Me Hope... the guy in ICC told me I could go ahead and book flights, but he hadn't received both of my references at that point, so not sure how that works! but flights are booked, so i'm going anyway haha!!

      Yeah I get what you mean... We studied the family in Sociology, talking a lot about the 'post-modern family'. ok, i don't agree with everything sociology says about it, but one thing was clear and it made sense - that a stable lone parent family is far far better for a child than an unstable two parent family! research has shown no huge difference in families like that. the effects come if the parents break up. :) so yeah!

      I like most of it! think it will be better next year, we have to cover a lot of ground this year in basics! but yeah its good!

      oh wow!! sounds like you're really busy!! i'm sure you have your hands full!!!

      great news, the family got their travel approval to bring XiaoFeng home, the kid i wrote the blog post about!!! so he will be with his family in less than 3 weeks!!!!! PTL!

    8. One way or the other, you'll be there!!! :-) The ICC guy must have been sure you were good to go!

      Yeah, that makes sense. God created children to need that selflessly loving environment!
      Is it hard to study Sociology from a secular point of view?

      On to the good stuff next year, hm? :-)

      Yes, I keep pretty busy! In a good way, though. There are lots of opportunities for reaching out to people, and that makes it worth it. :-)

      Yay!!!!!!!!!!! :-D That's sooo exciting!!!! Will you get to stay in touch with him at all?

    9. haha yeah, they can hardly decline me after letting me book flights!

      well i'm only in my first year, so its been fine so far! though i ahve heard from people i know in older years that there are some very anti christian things later on. but the thing with sociology is that there are so so many different ideas and views that there isn't one presented to us as the correct one which is cool.

      hm... i hope i can somewhat stay in touch! or at least hear how he's doing. his mom has a blog so i'll definitely be keeping an eye on that! :) makes me so happy to see how God has worked in this adoption!

    10. Well, that's good! I know some schools really tend to bash a 'religious' point of view, and try to indoctrinate everyone else into thinking the same thing. I imagine it would be really interesting to take what they teach you and compare it to Scripture.

      Oh, that's great! If it were me, I would be dying to see what his life becomes! :-) Every adoption is special, but it is really awesome how you got to be involved in this one!

    11. yeah that would be cool actually! ideas for my dissertation/project in 4th year! haha

      CongCong, the boy in the video, is having all of his medical expenses covered by the orphanage he went to!! which is an unbelievable answer to prayer!! :)

    12. and yes, adoption is magical! miraculous! can't wait to see him given the opportunity to fulfil his potential!!
      it's been a great example for me of how He can use small things we do in His name, to bring something amazing about!

    13. Hey, that would be a neat project for your last year, that's a great idea! :-)

      I read that on the blog, that is sooo wonderful! Praise the Lord for His provision! Have you met CongCong personally? I think the friend I have that went to China with BMH met him at one of the camps a few years ago.

      Isn't what God does amazing??! Truly 'able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think'! You never know what seemingly insignificant thing He has huge plans for! It's so exciting... :-D

      Hey, do you happen to have a Facebook? I was thinking it might be easier to connect on there, if you do. Just a thought!

    14. no i haven't met him... i could be wrong but congcong has never had anything to do with bring me hope before. its through Kobe, a chinese student who has worked with BMH a few times, that we got to hear about congcong. maybe it was Kobe your friend met?

      i do have Facebook, though i have temporarily disabled it until after my exams, so for the next 3-4 weeks or so. i spend way too much time on ha so i needed to cut it off! maybe we can add each other then :)

    15. Hm, I don't know! She posted a note on FB asking for prayer for CongCong saying he had come to BMH camps a few years's possible she got the details mixed up though, especially if she heard about it from someone else. The grapevine effect! :-)

      Haha, I completely understand that! I'll look for you in a few weeks, then. :-) Good luck on your exams!

    16. hey samantha! i'm back on Facebook now, Robert Molloy if ya wanna find me. i'm friends with BMH.

    17. Haha, I just now saw this comment! I guess the timing worked out pretty good anyway! :-) I figured you'd be friends with BMH, so that's how I found you.