So Soon

I can't believe it's actually just 5 weeks till I return to China. I also cannot believe that it has been nearly a year since I was last there! This year has flown by, though at times (many times) all I wanted to do was be back in China playing and spending with orphans, and July seemed so far away.

I'm just thinking back on how I was changed last summer and the differences it made in my life. One in particular that stands out is in relation to adoption. I remember last year thinking about families who have adopted children (particularly from China) and to be honest, I found it quite difficult to imagine how one could love another child or how an 'added' child could really become part of the family. It was a rather foreign concept. One I certainly would never consider. However, even after my first 2 or 3 days with orphans I knew that I would adopt one day. I saw how quickly I had come to love these children and even saw XiaoFeng as my own little brother. It seemed so natural. I now truly believe something I once heard that if everyone was to spend a week with an orphan, there would not be any orphanages. You cannot spend time with orphans without being changed. Take that as a challenge!

I have learnt so much about God, and seen Him work in ways I could not have imagined. I have learnt that he can exceed our expectations and requests many many times over, and he has done so this year! I have learnt that if we trust Him, He can work wonders.

I can't do anything. I can't change the life of an orphan. I can't change the world either. Only God can do this, thus I must have his backing in all I do. If I allow him to work through me THEN orphans lives can be changed. As Francis Chan says 'God will ensure my success in accordance with His plannot mine.' in Crazy Love. 

There are many more but finally I have seen the real need of orphans. They need love. I guess they're not all that different to us at the core, if you strip away everything else.

5 weeks until I leave for the biggest adventure of my life - 5 weeks in China serving God and orphans!

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