He provides

Finally got on wifi here at SMX with ICC.

This is from a few days ago:

Today I had the most terrifying yet faith building experience of my life so far. 

Today was the day the rest of my Irish team go back to Beijing to fly home by train, and I travel BY TRAIN onto another city to work with ICC. It was only meant to be about an hour and a half. The whole time, I kept looking at the scrolling info screen at the front of the carriage waiting to see next stop smx. 

Yet somehow I never saw it. I realised after about 2 hours that we hadn't come to it yet so I started to wonder what was going on. I kept watching the screen. 

Soon enough I saw 'next stop xian' which was when I panicked!! Xian is double the distance I was going. I was freaking out a little bit, and thankfully had a Chinese cell phone to call Bring Me Hope staff to ask what to do. 

I was so so scared. I speak VERY little Chinese and was soon going to be stuck in a different city to where I was going... I even started to tear up. 

I just started talking to my Father, it was difficult but i tried to give all my worries to him. I cried out to Him saying I couldn't do this myself. 

BMH staff were great. When I arrived in xian, they got me to hand the phone to a Chinese person and explained I needed to buy another ticket. This woman brought me to the ticket line and explained the situation to a girl in the queue. This girl was send by my Father. I have no doubt about that. Turns out she was going to Zhengzhou where I had just come from, so getting the same train I need to. 

That CANNOT be a coincidence. 

So this lovely girl helped me buy my ticket, and stayed with me the whole way and showed me were to get off. 

My Father is so good. He turns out impossible worries into helping us simply trust him more. 

I am forever grateful. Here's a story I wanna share first!

Week 1 goodbyes

Lacey, Bring Me Hope worker asked me if I would like to bring the kids back to the orphanage last week. I jumped at the chance without really thinking about it fully! 

 The kids from last week were special because they camp from a foster care system called Eagles Wings - run by an amazing American lady and her family. They take in severely disabled kids and put them in small homes of about 10 kids which means they get more care. Many of them don't even live in the orphanage but in apartments which they have some sort of control over, giving them independence. 

So the day came to bring them home. We packed up their things and brought them outside to where the bus was waiting. Picture this, 35 kids plus their volunteers and translators hugging and crying. Noone could deny that much love was found there. It really dawned on me what I had agreed to do...

 The worst thing happened when one boy being put on the bus started screaming and bawling crying and shouting out something. I was told he was pleading to not leave. It was heart breaking. Heart shattering.

 We eventually had to leave and the bus pulled off with 35 screaming orphans and 4 adults to try comfort and manage them. I was crying as much as they were. Hearing those screams and crying will stay with me forever. It was a nightmare that I couldn't get out of. I had to face it. All i could do was walk around with tissues and wipe their tears away in an attempt to comfort them. It really dawned on me the fact that we CAN'T change their lives. Only our Father can do that and that is why we must lift these precious orphans up to him.  

 They eventually stopped crying and many of them fell asleep. we got to the main welfare centre where many of them live. They got off with their stuff and walked in. With a quick WO AI NI (I love you) they were off, back to their old lives, without turning back.  My younger boy lives in one of the apartments so we drove their next with the last 20 or so. I sat him on my lap savouring those last few moments with him. I just sang to him.  And they were gone. With just memories of an amazing 5 days at camp.  I'm still unsure who is changed more by this experience - the orphans or us.

Week 2 quick update

Just a quick update from week 2. We're just so busy! Had hope to be able to update more but haven't had the time. I have 2 boys this week. Both 7 years old. They're really great - though very energetic so there is lots of running around!! One is really sweet and quiet while the other never stops talking and messing!! They're lots of fun!! Ciara has one little boy this week, about 4 years old. He's the cutest kid at camp, and he knows it! Very stubborn and strong-willed!  He's very funny too! Jordon has a cute little girl, about 6 years old I think. She has been a handful as her moods swing from happy to crying. Its getting easier for jordon though as they get to know eachother. Steph has a little girl, about 7 years old who is just so excited! She claps at everything!! It's fun to watch! Please be thinking of us particularly this week as we share 'the message' with the Chinese translators. That Our Father would speak to their hearts! This is a tiring week - but the orphans are so worth it!!!!!

Day 3 of Camp

We are now at the end of day 3 of camp. Had you told me the things I would do this week beforehand, I likely would have really questioned whether I could do it or not. This week the kids are all disabled to various degrees. Some cannot walk and are in wheelchairs, others are mentally disabled. One thing that is for sure - working with disabled children is humbling.

My seven year old - BeiBei has to wear a diaper. Before this week I had never changed one. But believe me when I say I am a pro at this stage! This evening I helped one of the brightest happiest young boys to have a shower - he is unable to walk but can crawl around. It's amazing what some of these kids have learnt to do without being able to walk.

Stuff to 'think' about please:
*Ciara who is sick. She was sick on our first day in Beijing but then recovered. Then last night she woke up feeling unwell and got sick a few times. She rested and stayed in bed all day and managed to join us for a bit this evening. So please be thinking of her.
*I found out today that my BeiBei is currently not available for adoption. His foster home director - an amazing american woman - hopes he will be available in the next 6 months.
*Strength for the last 2 days for the whole team.

Tomorrow I'll include how the others are doing - I'll get them all to give me something to include. 
And i'll get some pictures of us all at the weekend when we have some time!!

My family group (Kevin, JinQiu, Me, BeiBei)
Thanks to everyone for thinking of us. Our Father is doing amazing things this week - not just with the orphans but us and translators and even the local community who are amazed at what we are doing.

finally this is working!

I have been trying to post for a few days but it hasn't worked!

oh my word!
we are having an amazing time here at camp!I have two boys (aged 7 and 14). BB is the younger one,and he literally laughs at EVERYTHING! I mean everything. So there is never a dull moment with him. He is unable to walk, and they ran out of push-chairs at first, so I ended up carrying him literally everywhere for the first day and a half! Luckily he is small! And then when they got more push-chairs here, he didn't want to sit in it as he loved being carried!
My older kid is Qiu, he is so independent and doesn't like us to do things for him! Infact he loves helping everyone out, particularly with carrying wheelchairs up and down steps and helping the younger children!
I'll try post a picture of them later on in the week.
Thanks to everyone for their 'thoughts', means a lot!
Leaving in a few hours for the airport! Spending all Thursday travelling and will arrive in Beijing on Friday morning. We tour around for two days then head to camp!

Will try update when I get to camp!!

Thanks to all for moral, financial and prayerful support.

Miracle please?

I'm trying to put it to the back of my mind. But i just can't. I don't want to have to deal with the pain. I want it not to be true. So badly.

A very very close family friend of mine, who I talked about here before has been battling for the last few months with cancer. Like seriously struggling. Fighting. She's done rounds of chemo which didn't work. Then she took on the Irish health system to get funding for herself and 60 other people with this type of melanoma, on a treatment called Ipi which is funded by countless other European countries and can have amazing results. She succeeded and is nearly finished the treatment. Though it seems every few weeks they discover the cancer has spread. Liver, Spine, Brain, Lungs... At this point I don't know where it isn't.

Worst of all? She has three small children under the age of 12.

Today I heard she has been given 2-3 weeks to live. I, I, I am speechless.

Literally. Staring at the screen.

How do you put it into words?
Someone I have known my whole life. Wife of my dad's best friend. Over for dinner once or twice a year.

She has 2-3 weeks. I'm in China for 5.

I want to not give up hope.

Oh God please. It's not too late for a miracle. Please Lord. I know you can do it.... 
...if it is your will. 

Praying for God's will to come is hard. I almost want to pray for my will to come. But I know I can't. I have to trust He knows what he's doing however hard that might be.

PLEASE join me in praying for Cathy and her family (particularly husband and 4 children). It's not too late for a miracle.

1 week

I don't know how this has come so soon! 11 months I have waited and it is finally coming, I am going to China in just ONE WEEK!

Quick overview of what I'll be doing:
*Two days sightseeing in Beijing (including the Great Wall!!) and meeting up with a friend from college from China who will visit us there!
*Two weeks on summer camps in ZZ, Henan Province with Bring Me Hope. In each week I'll be paired with one to two orph'ns and a Chinese college student to translate. These weeks are all about loving. 
*Two and a half weeks in SMX Orph., Henan Province with International China Concern. Working day-to-day and hands-on there with a specific group of kids. [most exciting part is that I'll get to see some of the kids from camp last year!! including this guy below - Meng Meng ] 

Almost 5 weeks in all. 

Please be praying for:
1. Safety - in travelling, trains and in general. 
2. Orphans lives would be changed. 
3. Gospel shared with Chinese college students. 
4. Amazing life changing experience for all!

Meng Meng and I last year

PS. I hope to update the blog when I can while away! So check back sometime and see if you're interested :)