1 week

I don't know how this has come so soon! 11 months I have waited and it is finally coming, I am going to China in just ONE WEEK!

Quick overview of what I'll be doing:
*Two days sightseeing in Beijing (including the Great Wall!!) and meeting up with a friend from college from China who will visit us there!
*Two weeks on summer camps in ZZ, Henan Province with Bring Me Hope. In each week I'll be paired with one to two orph'ns and a Chinese college student to translate. These weeks are all about loving. 
*Two and a half weeks in SMX Orph., Henan Province with International China Concern. Working day-to-day and hands-on there with a specific group of kids. [most exciting part is that I'll get to see some of the kids from camp last year!! including this guy below - Meng Meng ] 

Almost 5 weeks in all. 

Please be praying for:
1. Safety - in travelling, trains and in general. 
2. Orphans lives would be changed. 
3. Gospel shared with Chinese college students. 
4. Amazing life changing experience for all!

Meng Meng and I last year

PS. I hope to update the blog when I can while away! So check back sometime and see if you're interested :)


  1. I have no doubt you will have an amazing trip!! Stay safe and have a fabulous time.