Day 3 of Camp

We are now at the end of day 3 of camp. Had you told me the things I would do this week beforehand, I likely would have really questioned whether I could do it or not. This week the kids are all disabled to various degrees. Some cannot walk and are in wheelchairs, others are mentally disabled. One thing that is for sure - working with disabled children is humbling.

My seven year old - BeiBei has to wear a diaper. Before this week I had never changed one. But believe me when I say I am a pro at this stage! This evening I helped one of the brightest happiest young boys to have a shower - he is unable to walk but can crawl around. It's amazing what some of these kids have learnt to do without being able to walk.

Stuff to 'think' about please:
*Ciara who is sick. She was sick on our first day in Beijing but then recovered. Then last night she woke up feeling unwell and got sick a few times. She rested and stayed in bed all day and managed to join us for a bit this evening. So please be thinking of her.
*I found out today that my BeiBei is currently not available for adoption. His foster home director - an amazing american woman - hopes he will be available in the next 6 months.
*Strength for the last 2 days for the whole team.

Tomorrow I'll include how the others are doing - I'll get them all to give me something to include. 
And i'll get some pictures of us all at the weekend when we have some time!!

My family group (Kevin, JinQiu, Me, BeiBei)
Thanks to everyone for thinking of us. Our Father is doing amazing things this week - not just with the orphans but us and translators and even the local community who are amazed at what we are doing.

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