He provides

Finally got on wifi here at SMX with ICC.

This is from a few days ago:

Today I had the most terrifying yet faith building experience of my life so far. 

Today was the day the rest of my Irish team go back to Beijing to fly home by train, and I travel BY TRAIN onto another city to work with ICC. It was only meant to be about an hour and a half. The whole time, I kept looking at the scrolling info screen at the front of the carriage waiting to see next stop smx. 

Yet somehow I never saw it. I realised after about 2 hours that we hadn't come to it yet so I started to wonder what was going on. I kept watching the screen. 

Soon enough I saw 'next stop xian' which was when I panicked!! Xian is double the distance I was going. I was freaking out a little bit, and thankfully had a Chinese cell phone to call Bring Me Hope staff to ask what to do. 

I was so so scared. I speak VERY little Chinese and was soon going to be stuck in a different city to where I was going... I even started to tear up. 

I just started talking to my Father, it was difficult but i tried to give all my worries to him. I cried out to Him saying I couldn't do this myself. 

BMH staff were great. When I arrived in xian, they got me to hand the phone to a Chinese person and explained I needed to buy another ticket. This woman brought me to the ticket line and explained the situation to a girl in the queue. This girl was send by my Father. I have no doubt about that. Turns out she was going to Zhengzhou where I had just come from, so getting the same train I need to. 

That CANNOT be a coincidence. 

So this lovely girl helped me buy my ticket, and stayed with me the whole way and showed me were to get off. 

My Father is so good. He turns out impossible worries into helping us simply trust him more. 

I am forever grateful. Here's a story I wanna share first!


  1. This happen to a chinese girl i know. she was travelling and met some foreigners and started practicing her english. she missed her stop and went all the way to BJ with them. She was suppose to get off in Gong Yi:) So you're not the only one.

    1. haha thanks Pam! glad to hear I'm not the only one!! It certainly put me in the position where I had to trust Him more than ever before!