Miracle please?

I'm trying to put it to the back of my mind. But i just can't. I don't want to have to deal with the pain. I want it not to be true. So badly.

A very very close family friend of mine, who I talked about here before has been battling for the last few months with cancer. Like seriously struggling. Fighting. She's done rounds of chemo which didn't work. Then she took on the Irish health system to get funding for herself and 60 other people with this type of melanoma, on a treatment called Ipi which is funded by countless other European countries and can have amazing results. She succeeded and is nearly finished the treatment. Though it seems every few weeks they discover the cancer has spread. Liver, Spine, Brain, Lungs... At this point I don't know where it isn't.

Worst of all? She has three small children under the age of 12.

Today I heard she has been given 2-3 weeks to live. I, I, I am speechless.

Literally. Staring at the screen.

How do you put it into words?
Someone I have known my whole life. Wife of my dad's best friend. Over for dinner once or twice a year.

She has 2-3 weeks. I'm in China for 5.

I want to not give up hope.

Oh God please. It's not too late for a miracle. Please Lord. I know you can do it.... 
...if it is your will. 

Praying for God's will to come is hard. I almost want to pray for my will to come. But I know I can't. I have to trust He knows what he's doing however hard that might be.

PLEASE join me in praying for Cathy and her family (particularly husband and 4 children). It's not too late for a miracle.

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  1. Oh, Rob, I'm sorry. :-( It is so very hard to desire God's will over our own... I'll be praying.