Week 2 quick update

Just a quick update from week 2. We're just so busy! Had hope to be able to update more but haven't had the time. I have 2 boys this week. Both 7 years old. They're really great - though very energetic so there is lots of running around!! One is really sweet and quiet while the other never stops talking and messing!! They're lots of fun!! Ciara has one little boy this week, about 4 years old. He's the cutest kid at camp, and he knows it! Very stubborn and strong-willed!  He's very funny too! Jordon has a cute little girl, about 6 years old I think. She has been a handful as her moods swing from happy to crying. Its getting easier for jordon though as they get to know eachother. Steph has a little girl, about 7 years old who is just so excited! She claps at everything!! It's fun to watch! Please be thinking of us particularly this week as we share 'the message' with the Chinese translators. That Our Father would speak to their hearts! This is a tiring week - but the orphans are so worth it!!!!!

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