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Finally back on my blog after no access for quite a while. I'm here in SMX with ICC right now. Just over half way through the program here, working hands on in the welfare centre. Its an amazing experience being right on the ground here.

This is from a few days ago:

Spend some time with one of the most down to earth guys I've ever met, who happens to be an orph'n. He's about 15, but seems much older. I met him last year at bring me hope camps. He is the big brother and father to many of the kids at the orph. He is perfectly normal, so can attend the local school. He showed some people from our team around the town today and I saw him in the lobby of the hotel. We talked for a while about our dreams and hopes for the future. He wants to join the army, as they will then pay for his education. His dream though is to either be free to travel the world or set up an organisation like ICC to work with orph's. What a great guy!! We played some cards in my hotel room after that. He's just a normal guy- who happens to be an orphn.

Our days are long! We're up at 7, for 7.30 'thought' meeting. After that it's off to the orph. for 8.30 and we stay till about 12. Then lunch time and break until we return from 3-5.30. We're all exhausted by the evening time!

Our days consist mainly of playing with the children. Our team is broken into different groups to work in different sections. There's a large play area outside with slides and stuff, just what you would expect to find in a playground at home! We also 'try' to do some music and arts activities! Try meaning they dont always work out!

I've been spending most of my time with a deaf boy called ShuiShui (handsome). He was at camp last year. Let me just say that he likes to get his own way!! He very funny though - and laughs at everything I do. There's something special about being able to make children laugh!
Best part is that he was adopted on monday!!! It's gonna be very quiet without him, but I'm excited that he will have a family!!

Please 'think' for physical strength for our team! Definitely needed!

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