one week left

The thought of being home in just one week is looming... I've been here for almost a month. And it feels like a lifetime, yet at the same time it has gone so fast. Its like I have been here forever. I really don't know how I will be able to return back to 'normal life'. I know I can do all things through He who gives me strength- but I'm
Gonna need A LOT of strength. 

Yesterday I quickly checked my college email to see if there was anything urgent I needed to deal with - and i was just overwhelmed with the seemingly uselessness of it all. Much of it things i would have been really excited for a month ago but compared to my life here it just seems unimportant. 

I feel like I live a double life- I have my deeply rewarding, fulfilling life spending the summer in china with orphans. 
And my life at home, playing the motions of life, going from one step to the next. Don't take me the wrong way - i have a great life back home. I'm involved in lots of great things - but being out here serving God everyday is just so much special.


We have had some amazing experiences here at the welfare centre. It is truly a blessing for us to be able to work here, to be allowed in. We have had the opportunity to not only work with the kids but also spend time with their carers and see them change too. 

This week we have brought the different sections of the welfare centre out to the zoo and local park. We bring them around to see all the animals which is lots of fun, and then we all sit down in a big circle on grass in the park and have a snack and play some games. Something interesting has happened at each of these times. We are a large group of people (30 +) so we naturally attract attention. But we also draw more people in as we have many kids with disabilities. Crowds gather around us. The first few days people just stopped and stared. But today they seemed to enjoy us being there and were smiling at our games and clapping along. 
These are people who never have experience of these types of disabilities. 

He can change peoples hearts when we dont even expect or plan to. 


  1. Enjoy your last week in China. Soak it all in to hold you until next time! You are doing His mighty works my friend :)

  2. Perhaps the mundane is the preparation for bigger service in the future. :-) I've struggled with the seemingly trivial, too, and have to remind myself that wherever I am, that's where I serve the Lord.

    So glad you had an amazing trip! I'm sure there will be more in the future. :-)