Matthew needs a family!


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Matthew is one special kid! He is 13 years old and ageing out so fast. He has less than one year to find his forever family.

The handsome always smiling Matthew!

The reason I say that Matthew is so special is because honestly, he is one of the happiest kids I know! He is always smiling, laughing and having fun despite his conditions! Matthew loves playing games outdoors with his friends, from soccer to basketball and badminton he loves it all! He gets really excited when he knows we're going to do something fun - I have even heard him let out a squeal of delight!

He currently attends a special education school with some of his friends where I am told he is doing really well. He has two special needs; a skull deformity and dyskinesia of right limbs. He has very limited use of his right arm and hand. However, this does not affect his life greatly. He will never be an Olympic athlete, but he is able to run around and generally play like most kids.

Matthew can run around and have fun despite his condition!

I spend 5 days with Matthew at Bring Me Hope summer camps in 2011 and grew to love him as my own brother. I had to say goodbye then, never imagining I would see him again. However God had other plans. This summer, He brought me back to China this year right to Matthews orphanage where I spent 2 weeks. Saying goodbye to him this year was so hard. I am hoping and praying that if I go back next year he will no longer be there, but with his forever family.

Matthew has waited far too long for a family. He gets on with everyone and has lots of friends! I saw him grow and mature over the year, he truly is growing into a kind and generous young man. On top of that, He is an easy-going, handsome, bright and funny boy who needs a mom and dad of his own. I do not want him to have to face the future alone...

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George (adopted 2014)

UPDATE: George was adopted, right before he aged out in Summer 2014! He now lives with his family in America.

This post was originally all about George. Since he has now been adopted, I have removed all of the other info.

George with his 'big sister' Lucia (who made the video!)

Great news!

I just heard that the following boys, from the orphanage I spent two weeks at this summer are back on 'the shared list'. This means they can be adopted through any adoption agency, so in theory any family can adopt them! They are also very much on my heart to advocate for!

Please be praying.

I introduce you to...

George, 12 

Was adopted July 2014 right before he aged out!!
(blog post) (video)

Matthew, 13

UPDATE: WAS ADOPTED SEPT 2013, right before he aged out!
(blog post

Benjamin, 10

was adopted 2014!!
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Lucas, 10

STILL Waiting
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A taste of whats to come...

Here's a little taste of what's to come on this blog over the coming weeks and months. I will probably share more of my heart on advocating later on but for now let me share this video a good friend from China made to find her buddy from camp a family!

Laura herself was an orphan at the start of her life, in China, but was adopted! This summer she went back to be Jesus' hands and feet to chinese orphans and is now advocating!

Check out her video...

And her blog post here.
This one little 4 year old boy has changed my life!  Going to China this past summer, really opened my eyes to see how these orphans live made, it really scared me that I in fact was once an orphan too. You see, fifteen years ago I lived in an orphanage in Anhui Provence, China, with no family, little care, and no love..........