Lucas needs a family!

2013 UPDATE:

I got to spend two days at Lucas' orphanage and see him again! As soon as I walked in the gates he was the first one I saw. He was outside riding a bike around with his friends. I was so excited to see him! I slowly walked in wondering if he would recognise me and sure enough as soon as he saw me, he shouted 'gege' <big brother> and cycled over to me to give me a hug! The last time I saw him was a year before, when he cried saying goodbye.

Please do not share this photo without permission: 
Please do not share this photo without permission: 
Please do not share this photo without permission: 
This year I noticed considerable improvement in his speech. Last year I worried as I didn't hear him speak a lot. But he now talks a lot more and I do feel he understands everything people are saying to him. He is now much more confident too, he is growing up before my eyes. He has grown a lot since that tiny little boy two summers ago. He is growing up without a mom and dad of his own.



One of the kids I was most excited about seeing again this summer was this little kiddo. This is Lucas, he is an adorable 10 year old boy from China who needs a mom and dad of his own.

I first met Lucas last summer at Bring Me Hope summer camp. I instantly connected with him and quickly saw just how special he is! He has a sweet and easy-going nature which when mixed with his cute smile makes him such a joy to be around!

My favourite memory of Lucas was from one morning when we were going to breakfast. I was walking with one of the other boys when I hear him shout across the courtyard 'gege' {older brother} as he runs over and grabs my hand to walk with me! Lucas is a boy who, like many young boys, loves his big brothers!!

I then got to spend two weeks with Lucas at his orphanage this summer! I saw how much Lucas had grown up in just a year, how independent he had gotten and the new things he had learned to do. Lucas is one of the more capable boys in the room he lives. He is diagnosed as having 'dwarfism'. Though he is not far from average height for his age.

When I think of Lucas, one word that springs to mind is potential. He has so much potential. All he needs is encouragement, love, and the right setting and stimulation. In these conditions I have no doubt that Lucas would blossom! He would grow and mature into the wonderful boy God has made him to be! Unfortunately, in the past he has been labeled as 'mentally retarded'. This in no way accurately describes him or his personality! He is a boy full of capabilities and in no way 'retarded'. Like most orphans, some delays can be expected and according to his special ed teacher his are due to his situation of being an orphan.

Would you share Lucas' story, his photo, his video and maybe consider adopting him?

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