Time Ticking for Matthew


I've shared about Matthew twice before [ here and here ].

He has an adoption grant which anyone can donate to here: http://reecesrainbow.org/58929/matthew-john
In September he turns 14, and will 'age out' of the adoption system. This means that he then cannot be adopted, EVER. So he has 6 months for a family to bring him home. Such little time :( 

The thought of him never having a family, and spending his life knowing he was not chosen just makes me so sad. This boy I have come to love as my own little brother!

This week I got my hands on some video clips from my first summer with Matthew back in 2011 at Bring Me Hope camp! So I put them together with some photo's here:

Matthew is kind hearted and generous! When I was with him in 2011 I brought him shopping to buy him some new clothes and some gifts and toys to bring back to the orphanage. We bought him some green tshirts (his favourite colour!) and new shorts. We then went to buy him some toys. BEFORE he chose one for himself he wanted one for a friend of his back at the orphanage. He chose that one BEFORE he thought of one for himself. What a generous 11 year old he was! 

Please share about Matthew. He has such little time for a family to adopt him. I would love to talk to anyone interested in making Matthew their son and in being the forever family that Matthew so desperately needs before it's too late. 

Please consider donating to his adoption grant here: http://reecesrainbow.org/58929/matthew-john


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  2. Angela, is the family in the process to adopt Matthew now? He is being advocated for by a number of people and I just hadn't heard anything yet about him having a family. I've been praying his family would find him!

  3. Oh no! I had him mixed up with another child. SO, SO sorry!

  4. I happened on this blog by chance, read a little, and watched a video. These children are beautiful and it breaks my heart they don't have families to grow old with. I will pray for Matthew that God will provide the loving life long care and connection he needs.

  5. That was beautiful!!! Praying so hard for him to have a family! Sharing on FB!