Another day

Friday morning I went to visit the baby house again in the morning. Some of them are slowly starting to warm to me. Especially when they are being held by the other volunteers who they know better. I think I'll try visit most days so they get used to me and to being around guys. They do need to get used to guys as they will hopefully one day be adopted and have fathers!

She does't know what to make of me!
just after a bath!

WT (deaf blind boy) love dancing!
I then got to go see Barry being given his new wheelchair! It has been made to specifically fit him. Has a bright yellow frame and comfortable seat and backrest. I think it will take him a few days to get used to it! He did seem to love it though and I was so glad to he able to be with him while he tried it out for the first time. He then said to Donna, the director 'xiexie mama' (thank you mom). They all call her mom. It's really endearing.

'wow what have you got for me?'

'what is this thing?' 

I had lunch with the Eagles Wings 6 kids (my favourites!). It was so funny! Thankfully they had calmed down a bit from the day before when they got a bit over excited! Though Sean did put some sort of strawberry juice in his rice which made it turn pink!! He was laughing way too hard to be mad at him!! These kids just make me laugh so much! I played a few games and read some stories after lunch.

on the way to lunch!

Then while they were taking a nap, I prepared to teach an English lesson at the eagles wings school with one of the other volunteers. I was looking forward to that, though I had never taught English before. The class went quite well for our first time! We taught them some new words and had them practice using them in sentences! Then the kids wanted us to take their art lesson which was right after that. We took on the challenge though completely unprepared! (And I am not at all artistic!) We got them to draw different things and taught them the English words! We are going to take that class on Monday so we will prepare something crafty to do!

Shelly showing off her English work!

'Good job Wendy!'

So far I was staying at Donna's house, the director. They added me to the cooking rota so Friday was my day! I bought some pasta and pasta sauce so we had that with chicken, some green beans and broccoli. (Everyone went for seconds so I think they liked it!) and then for dessert we had chocolate fondue! I bought some really good (and expensive) imported German chocolate and we dipped fruit in! That went down even better with everyone!

I think Jamie might like chocolate ;)

Fridays night is movie night so we watched a movie. Jamie cuddled right up to me to watch it. Though I did fall asleep a few times!

Due to some unforeseen stuff I had to move where I was staying to the main orph.nage where eagles wings operate the top floor. I had to stay in one of the two visitor apartments there. Gd is definitely teaching me about flexibility right now and learning to not get frustrated when things aren't as expected or seem to make sense. (It all gets sorted out on Saturday, you'll see in that post!)


  1. The kids look so happy! :)

    So cool that you got to help teach an English lesson to the kids.

    God bless,
    Joy :)

  2. I'm wondering what the future holds for the beautiful little boy who is deaf and blind. His smile tells us he can enjoy life if people are willing to love him. Email me his real name, I will pr for him xox Can he be sponsored??