First day at Eagles Wings!

[I'm using English names for the kids which were given to protect their identities online]

So wednesday was taken up with mainly travelling. In the morning, while still in Dalian I got to visit a cool beach and harbour and walk around there! That was really cool, I'd never seen sea side China before. Then I got a flight to ZhengZhou and a two hour bus to where Eagles Wings is. You'll see in the previous post that I was met from the bus by two of the boys!! Didn't think I'd see them until the next day.

Thursday was then spent visiting each of the different Eagles Wings homes. There are 8 in total. I started by visiting the baby house. Some of them were a little scared of me at first, they don't see guys very often! But some of them got used to me. I did get to hold WeiTao for a while. He is blind and deaf. He loved feeling my hands and touching my face - thats how he gets used to people.

We then went to visit one of the homes for quite disabled children. There were some kids there too that weren't at school. That was really cool too! I recognised a few kids from camp, and some of them even recognised me! It was great to see how well they were doing.

We then got some lunch and visited the older boys! I got to see one boy Jensen who is ageing out but has a family who will be adopting him in the next few weeks! He was told yesterday that he is being adopted to America. He seemed in a good mood and showed me a ball and necklace his parents had sent him!
Jensen is the one right next to me who will hopefully be brought home in a few weeks!

Then we took a break for a while as it was so hot! And I went to visit the Eagles Wings school! Lots of the kids were excited to see me! Then I went back to Eagles Wings 6, which is the home for the non walkers. They all have so much personality!! They got a bit worked up and excited to have someone visiting. Some of them would not stop laughing! It was so great to be back with them saying 'luobo gege' (my chinese name + big brother)

At the school!

Wesley can certainly move!

Zach and Sean being silly as always!

They loved how high that tower got!

I spend a lot of time with kids on my lap!!

He seriously NEVER stops laughing!!

Wendy kept moving back and back, I didn't know where she was going and then she plonked herself on my lap! Isn't she beautiful!
It was a long crazy day. So amazing to be back with all these special kids that I had been waiting to see all year!


  1. Pics please rob!! :) give lots of hugs from me

  2. Thanks for the update! Glad all going well, everyone here sends love and xxx

  3. Have fun at Eagles Wings! I've never been there, but I've met Donna and her daughters and they are great! I'm sure that it makes your heart so happy to be back with the kids that you love. Soak it in!

  4. That was beautiful! I LOVED the pictures and am itching to be there. I am so pleased for you, and pr.ying for you always. So happy that Jensen has a new home to go to!!!

  5. I can't tell you how my heart is fluttering from seeing those precious faces again! I know you're loving them well, Rob!

  6. The kids are precious! So sweet. I can't wait to get to Eagle's Wings. We're hoping to go next summer/fall.

    God bless,
    Joy :)