First full day in China

Wow what a busy, fun filled day! I'll give you a quick overview...

Got some good sleep last night which was needed after a full day of travelling yesterday! I am staying with a friend in Dalian on the east coast of China. It's a really nice city! Very different to the cities in China i've been to before.

We headed off this morning to visit a private orph.nage on the edge of the city. It was actually way out almost in the countryside! Was so cool out there! My friend had contacted them ahead of time and they approved our visit, but when we got there about 11am they told us that the kids were all in school and wouldn't back till 4pm! (thats right, school on a sunday!) We chatted to some of the workers for a while and they offered us lunch. Then we went for a walk up a big hill to a cool pagoda thing.

We arrived back at the orph.nage in time to go collect the kids from school! We went down with two other college age students who were interning there. This orph.nage is very small with only about 20 kids.

So we walked the kids back home, some of them were keen to practice their English with me! Then we helped them do homework, I have to say I was very impressed with the level of English they are being taught. I made a few friend (of course!) while helping with homework!
They eagerly wanted help with their English reading
on the walk back!!

Then they had some housework to do, which was to sort through about 10 boxes of pears and throw out the bad ones and keep the good ones! That took a while to get them all to concentrate on that until one of the older girls (about 13/14) shouted out for them all to do it and created a system!

My new friend: Hailang!
We were only actually with them for about two or three hours but it felt like much longer! Was really sad saying goodbye :( Their conditions are quite good and I know they are taken care of but was very sad all the same. I'm hoping we can go back and visit tomorrow!

Then in the evening I finally got to have one of my favourite Chinese dishes - RouJiaMo - sort of like a spicy chinese hamburger! Had been craving them all year! Then we walked around a big cool square with lots of government buildings around it!

-> Thanks to everyone who is prying for my trip! I'm about to fall asleep on my laptop I'm so tired at this point!


  1. Delighted to hear all going well. We are pr*ying for you and, all that you will do, and all who you will meet. Thanks for updating, loving reading it!

  2. Sounds like you're already having a great time! You're so lucky to be able to go over there every summer.

    Do you speak Chinese?

    God bless,
    Joy :)

    1. I speak a little Chinese! Enough for basic communication with the kids! Really need to learn a lot more though!

  3. Oh, Rob that is fantastic! I'm so chuffed for you, and I love your blogs. I cannot WAIT to go next year!
    我要去中国! 我很高兴。