This past week

Oh no I've fallen a week behind on the blog. I was doing so well! Won't give such detailed updates will just tell you about some of the more exciting stuff! And share lots of photos!

One thing I did last week was visit some of the new Eagles Wings kids. Two were moved over two weeks ago now but one was a surprise who arrived last week, just abandoned the day before. So sad. When I first went into his EW Home he was so nervous. Standing against the wall and not really interacting with anyone. He looked anywhere between 6 and 10 years old. It almost seemed like the lights were on but nobody was home. Though he did then surprise us all and came alive! We showed him this magnetic jigsaw game and he LOVED it! Played if for like an hour! He laughed and smiled and made lots of noises! It was great to see that there is a big personality in there! So sad to think he has only just been abandoned... The trauma in his life already is so big... I can't even imagine how scared he is to be in such a different environment away from what he once knew. He looked like he had been reasonably well taken care of as he was sent with a bag of nice clothes. The other two kids were pretty cute too! One is just a toddler at 2 years old and seems fairly normal. The other is about 3 or 4 and is very delayed. Meeting newly abandoned kids really brings reality home for so many across the world.

One of the biggest miracles is seeing how comfortable the babies now are around me! When I first came they would cry every time I entered their home. So we decided it would be best for them to get used to being around guys. One by one they all realised I wasn't so bad and that I can be pretty fun! The last one was LiXing. He is a bit of a drama queen at times! And loves the attention! But he will now even let me pick him up and smiles when he sees me! I'll let these pics speak for themselves!

Another special moment was with Jensen. Jensen will turn 14 in August and after that he ages out of the adoption system and can no longer be adopted. However a family heard about him and will be travelling to bring him home in a few weeks! Two weeks ago Jensen was told he is being adopted. I'm sure it was pretty scary to be facing all of those changes! Thankfully a few of his older friends have been adopted in recent months so it's not a completely new thing. I saw him a few days later and he seemed in a good mode and was showing me some things his family sent him. Well a few days ago I went with Donna the EW China Director and she had a photo book of Jensens family. So she talked him through it and showed him pics of his mom and dad and brothers and sisters. He seemed happy to get to see them! I recorded it and am trying to send it to the family, it just takes so long on bad internet to upload a big video!


  1. You know, when I first started getting acquainted with the Chinese adoption process, I thought all/most kids were abandoned as babies. But I've come across more and more kids that were abandoned at six years old or older, and that is so sad. I think about my little brother, Luke, who is 5....and I can't imagine giving him up, let alone someone who is older than him! There's already such a strong bond at that age. So awesome that you got to be there to help that little boy into his new environment.

    I've seen pictures of Jensen--he looks like a little ray of sunshine! :) I'm glad that he has a family!

    God bless,
    Joy :)

  2. Loved the update, and I'm SO excited for Jensen! Hope all goes well.