Mini update

Really busy two days have left no time for blogging! I got to Eagles Wings and was met happily by my boy yesterday. Then today I got to visit all of the different eagles wings homes and see how it all works here. Lots of the kids remembered me from bring me hope camp and were excited to see me again!

All my photos are on my camera and I'm way too tired to get out my laptop to upload them - sorry!

Please pry for my time here that everything will run smoothly and that I will be open to whatever Gd has in store for me here, be it what I expected or not.


  1. aw... my parents are in the process of adopting Jamie. He should be home in September! Give him a hug for me :) And tell Donna and the girls hi too! Oh I love that place.

  2. The kids are precious!

    We're keeping you in our prayers.

    God bless,
    Joy :)