These kids!

[i'll add the photos in the morning! so come back]

Oh boy do I love these kids. They seriously crack me up!

Monday was an interesting and busy day! In the morning I visited the babies again. Some of them are getting used to me which is nice. Was able to play with one or two of them without any crying! So thats a plus! I'll let the photos speak for themselves...

Then after lunch it was teaching time again! We continued teaching English class about going to the park. This time we did a lot of class interaction and make these mini scenarios like 'can you see the flower?' and how to respond to that. We went around one by one which seemed to work well. SOme kids are much better at paying attention in class than others so for art class right after that I decided it would be best to move one of the boys from the end of the row to the middle where we could make sure he was paying attention! He's a bright boy I knew he just needed some encouragement. That worked really well! Art class went ok. We had then draw different things they would find under the ocean. I drew a few examples on the board - they of course laughed at my attempts to draw! (i am pretty bad at drawing so I didn't mind!) the next one is Friday so we are going to plan something really fun and be much better prepared.

After that I got the chance to go with the australian founder/director of Eagles Wings - Linda to the old orph.nage. That was certainly an experience. The orph. where Eagles Wings operate one floor of is relatively new but just for children. SO the old orph is full of older people. We visited an old friend of hers, a 30 year old man with CP. Linda has been visiting him for a long time now every time she goes to China. he calls her mama. This really sparked me to think about my kids. (see end of post)

That evening I was invited to dinner with Linda and an old friend of hers. That too was an experience as there were certain formalities which Linda had to guide me through like where to sit, when to sit, when to start eating, to refuse rice/noodles and lots more...

Linda's friends and their son!



Spent the morning in the baby house again. (theres about 8/9 of them in case it seems like hundreds!) Only one was crying so I take that as a good thing, and one would even sit on my lap for a while! They are slowly getting used to me!!

This afternoon we visited the older boys again as I hadn't seen some of them in a few days! They were excited to see me! We played around and then I ate lunch with them. I then helped pick out a cake to use in a birthday party for one of the younger children! We brought the cake to the school and sang happy birthday. All the kids loved the cake! Some of them had it all over their faces by the end of it!

Penn and me!
Me and Jensen!

sweet shannon!
Shannon and Zach!
I spent the evening with EW6 kids as per usual. I bought some cards earlier and managed to teach some of them how to play simple games like Snap. Even two of the boys with more severe cerebral palsy were able to play. Mentally they know whats going on, just they cannot talk clearly and their movement is hindered a lot. They loved it though! It makes me sad to see them trapped in dysfunctional bodies. Someday their bodies will be made now. I hold onto that thought!] So we played card games and joked about! I then put all the boys to bed (6) to give the nannies a break! I read one story a few times to different kids. They loved saying the English back to me again! I tried to teach them how to say 'th' properly instead of 'sank you' I want to hear 'thank you'. Some of them got it quicker than others! I tucked them all in and said goodnight. That was a lot of fun! They are a crazy bunch of kids, but I love them so much. Can't imagine my life not knowing any of them. Each is so different and unique. Definitely all fearfully and wonderfully made by our Father.

One thing I've been thinking a lot of is about the pasts and futures for my kids. Right now it seems that not all of them will be able to be adopted. Some are matched with families which is amazing! Families who are working through all the paperwork and process to get to them. I'm so excited for these children. But there are others with just the same potential. Potential to live long fulfilling lives with families who are prevented from doing so by stupid bureaucracy. Many of my kids would do SOO well with families and would thrive and be such a blessing. But... I fear this may never happen as their home orph.nages won't process their paperwork to make this possible. Right now please pr*y that all of my kids will have the chance to live in a loving family. Right now as I right this in a room across from theirs after putting them all to bed it overwhelms me and is bringing me to tears. I think of all the old people in orph.nages I've seen. Having spent all their lives in institutions. I wonder what kid of life my kids have ahead of them. Where will they end up? All of those old men in orph.nages were once cute kids too. I pr*y with all my being that my kids will not end up like this. I pr*y that my kids will be given the chance to fulfil their potentials and live fulfilling lives. I pr*y that G0d will allow me to be a part of that in whatever way he has planned. I don't ever want my kids smiles to fade......

[I should probably add that the kids I'm with now are all in the care of eagles wings who do an amazing job at giving them better more meaningful lives. They will be able to stay with EW as long as they need to. Though this doesn't quite match up to a family of their own... ]


  1. I am pr.ying with you. I so wish we could have one or two join our family. But as you say, bureaucracy. I am thankful they are experiencing at least some love however.

  2. That is heart-breaking. Pr.ying along with you!

    I can't wait to get to Eagle's Wings and meet all these kids you mention. I know they're precious!

    I never thought about the babies not being around guys that much...but it makes sense! That's interesting.

    God bless,
    Joy :)

  3. "When two or three are gathered in My name, there I am with them" Matt 18:20
    I am pr*ying and so will my family; God will take care of thoose precious kids in the way He knows best. His ways are not our ways, and He can surprise us!
    Lots of love to everybody,