Here's a really quick overview of the weekend. :)

Saturday morning I brought Jamie, one of Donnas daughters and her other foster daughter to their taekwondo class. Jamie was really happy that I could take him! Didn't quite realise it was a two hour class (!!) but it was fun to watch them! Then we went to local markets for lunch. I had a nice big bowl of noodles!

Now here's the good part. So it was then decided that I could move into Eagles Wings 6 (home for the non-walkers) I probably know the kids in 6 the best! I was so excited to get to move there! So I moved all my stuff over (in about 300 degree heat!) by bus as there were no taxi's in sight. I was sweating like crazy!! The kids were all so excited that I would get to live with them! So we played for a bit then (with another volunteer) we brought three of the kids on a mini-outing! To go buy some cream puffs for dessert after dinner! The kids love being taken out and it's good for them to experience life in the community. I played with them until dinner. Saturday night is games night for the volunteers so we all went to Donna's house and had dinner and played some games like pictionary and card games! Lots of fun was had!

On sunday we got up early to go off to ch.rch! In ZhengZhou (the nearest big city) there is an international ch.rch that meets once a month. So we took the two hour long journey in. It was a cool experience as there were people there from all around the world. After that we went to a western restaurant for lunch! Was so good! I had fries and spagetti! Others had chicken nuggets which were good too! We ate lots of food! There is no western food really in JZ where Eagles Wings is located.

In the evening I played with the eagles wings 6 kids until time for bed. We read stories. Built towers with blocks, and did lots of other fun things!

Was a fun but crazy weekend! On friday everything seemed to be very complicated but Gd had a better plan as i now get to stay with the kids I know best! Which is a blessing! He does all things for the good of those who love him.

Monday was an even more interesting day!!

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