More fun

Everything is going great! Super busy!

Helping out at the school has been so much fun! The kids love having us there! Below are some pics at an art lesson we sat in on!

At the weekends we try to take the kids out on trips! They love getting out and visiting cool places! One day we brought these two boys to a really cool park! We walked around, took some fun photos and ate some ice cream! Another day we brought three of the kids to KFC to lunch which they LOVED!!

XiaoLin is doing really well!! He is settling into Eagles Wings 2. He is always so excited when I visit and will run over and give me a hug!! There has been a good amount of progress too. At first when he came he wouldn't feed himself but last week when I was there I made him try and he did it! He did make a lot of mess but its a great start for him to do it! Baby steps are all we are looking for with a kid who has experienced so much trauma in his short life. I'm so thankful to have been part of that!

Still having fun visiting the babies for a bit in the mornings!

An exciting blog post coming up! Yesterday (Monday) was a big day!! You'll have to come back to read all about it...

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  1. Keeping Xiaolin in my prayers. He's adorable! :)

    God bless,
    Joy :)