BMH Week 2; Day 1

Woke up today really excited for the kids who were coming - my Eagles Wings buddies who I said goodbye to over a week ago! I have missed them so much so am glad to be back with them.

We met up with our translators this morning, I have two awesome guys who are great with the kids. One is a Ch. one is now, but we have had some interesting chats about it. The kids arrived about 12 and we met them excitedly from the bus! I have two of my favourites (through really they are all my favourites!) I have Barry, as i had last year and I also have Zach. (Barry is 7 and Zach is 5). Both have spina bifida but to different degrees. Barry has a super cool wheelchair but as Zach can walk a little bit, he is either carried or goes in a push chair. All the kids were so excited to see me! My little Princess Wendy's face lit up and she gave me the biggest hug ever!!! I love how after investing a few weeks in their life actually blesses me so much.

We had lunch, went swimming, played games, had dinner, had assembly time with stories and songs. Zach wasn't so sure about the swimming part! He clung to me like crazy!!

Before dinner a little surprise camp along. There was a new kid coming to camp and they asked if I could take him in my family, giving three kids. I happily accepted and he is the sweetest kid ever! He's either 11 or 13 if you believe the paperwork or him! He has the same Chinese name as Matthew actually. I will have to think of an English name for him to use here too. He is a little deaf but can hear a little. I love him already! He can be a little shy at first but he will join in if encouraged! He was persuaded to get up and sing in front of everyone!!

My family!
Ciara and her family!

It has been a very very tiring day. But in a very good way. Being back with my kids is so amazing. Missed them so much.

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