BMH Week 2; Day 2

Another awesome day at Bring Me Hope camp!! Loving spending time with the
kids I know already, and enjoying getting to know the new kid.

I'll tell you about a few of todays features.

So at meal times I've been prying before we eat with my family group. To
say thank you to our Father for the day and for the food and to ask for a
good day. This morning Zach held up his hands before eating so we could
pry. One of my translators who is a believer even pryd in Chinese which was

This morning we sang songs and just played games and hung about. My older
one loves playing lots of different games! Especially Badminton. He is a
little deaf and wears hearing aids but he can hear mostly and he can talk.
He is very athletic and is very good at sports!

Then we did arts and crafts time. We were designing a page titled 'All
about me' for their memory books with stuff like their age, favourite
colour, their hobbies etc. One section is 'This year I hope to...'. Zach
drew a picture of a plane and said he wanted to go in a plane this year. He
will actually be adopted before the end of the year so if only he knew that
his wish will indeed come true!! Barry said he wants to be a driver and the
other boy (who I haven't names yet) said he wants to build a space shuttle!
They all have such big and different dreams for the future.

In the afternoon we had swim time again which is always a lot of fun! Zach
didn't want to get in at first but when he did he loved it! Barry loves it
too but only when he is being held by me or someone else.

It's really just so much fun being with the kids again! I love seeing them
have the attention they deserve, but which isn't possible in a group
setting. They get SO much at Eagles Wings and I am so grateful for
everything they do there, especially Linda the founder and Donna who has
directed for the past three years but it is still not the same as a forever
family. My pryr is that lots of these kids can find families.

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