BMH Week 2; Day 3

This morning we had a really fun outing to a cool amusement park!! The boys
all loved it and had so much fun on all the different rides! Other than the
bumper cars... I whacked my knee and had to get off and Zach didn't like it
either so he got off to join me.

Continuing to get to know my kids better which is so much fun. The older
boy who I will now call Mark for this blog LOVES taking photos! Tonight
during assembly I let him use my camera and he took some good ones and was
getting really into it! Mark is one of the sweetest boys around. He just
loves to help people around. When I was asked if I could take a third kid I
said yes straight away but then wondered whether we could really handle it
but it does work! He loves helping push the other boys and lift their
chairs up and down steps.

Tonight we had a talent show! We were stuck for ideas, so we joined in
another family and sang a song with actions. I loved seeing the other
families perform! The kids loved being the centre of attention and each was
given a big applause and celebrated for their 'talent' no matter how small
it may seem!

Bed time is one of my most fun times of the day. Chatting with them and
tucking them in and reading them a story. I loved bedtimes growing up with
my parents so it is nice to pass that along to these kids too.

I'll be home Monday night... SO not ready. Earlier on my Princess Wendy
asked me if I was going back to Eagles Wing with them after camp.
Unfortunately I had to say no Wendy, I'm going home to Ireland on Monday.
He face was so sad. It broke my heart. Really not looking forward to saying goodbye to these kids yet AGAIN :(

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