Last weekend at Eagles Wings...

It's really starting to hit me that I'm actually leaving so soon. But I think I'm going out with a bang after a great weekend!

Saturday morning I went around and visited lots of my different kiddos who I hadn't had much time to see during the week as I was running the school. Then I went over to where the training was being held. That was so much fun! At first I sat in on a session with one of my boys - Yong. Yong has cerebral palsy so cannot talk and has limited motor controls. They were getting him to recognise chinese characters and point to the correct object. He did so well!! Later on I sat in on some music therapy sessions and another therapy session with Qiang and XiaoLin, the new boy I talked about a few weeks ago. It was so great to be working with the therapists, people who passionately care about special needs children and have the needed knowledge to improve their lives.

On Sunday we took some kids on a big afternoon at the park! We pilled the Trike/Bike high with kids (lol) It was SO hot! We went to the playground first and then took the kids for lunch. And then we went back to the park and messed around for some more time! I'll let the photos do the talking as it was so much fun!!!

I'm getting really sad that I have to leave. This morning i was thinking over what I will do for my last two days and I got a little emotional realising that I was going to be gone... I will savour every last moment...

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  1. Xiaolin looks like he's doing precious!

    Love the pictures. Gosh, it has to be so hard to leave these kids.

    God bless,
    Joy :)