Seeing them again: day 2

Remember a few day ago when I said I hate goodbyes? Well I've just said goodbye to some more kids who I've been visiting for three years now. Three of them are being adopted (two by the end of the summer and the other by the end of the year) two more are still waiting :( Now that I think of it, it's the two youngest that are still waiting which surprises me. This time I met three more boys I will advocate for. Two are paper ready now and have been waiting since 2007. One will be paper ready soon. I will do individual blog posts on them as soon as I can. I think you will all love them too!!

Today was awesome day. A friend who lives here kindly offered up her apartment for me to stay at and she went and stayed with someone else. I didn't really know what to do with myself having so much personal space which I wasn't used to after living with the kids!!

I spent most of the day hanging out with the boys. I went to the orph about 9 and stayed will 3.30 when I went for my train. We did all sorts of things. At first we played outside then most of them went to school but Matthew stayed to play with me so we played around outside for a while. We played soccer, in the playground and goofed around. Some of the younger kids joined us too which was fun. Apart from when one 2 year old boy peed!! (that's more normal in china than at home!)

We then sat with some of the new boys and asked them a few questions which can help with advocating. Some of the responses they gave were very funny!! You will hear in their individual posts!

As I had such little time I was allowed to eat lunch with them an stay while the others napped. One of the boys asked me if I was coming back in the afternoon. I asked him how about i stay and have lunch. He was much happier with that and told someone he liked me! My boys don't normally take naps. We played UNO which they loved! We did some colouring and puzzles. Then we went outside and played all sorts of silly games like hide and seek and running about. Basically we had lots of fun!

Time to leave came way too soon, before I knew it i had said goodbye and left. George asked me if i would come back next year. I was like YOU'LL BE IN AMERICAN BY THEN!! He had the look on his face like oh yeah forgot about that haha.

It was a crazy fast trip but so worth it to be with some of them for such important moments. The most amazing thing is that the best time i get to visit, three of the kids I know the best will be gone. Adopted ton america.

Let's pry the same Can happen for the others too.

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