Rest of BMH Week 1

[Sorry I've been so bad at blogging again! I'll add the photos as soon as I can. It's my last week in China now so I'm gonna do my best to blog every day]

After being sick on Wednesday I woke up on Thursday feeling much better and ready for action. Still some bowel issues but I felt better and could face the day happily! My boys were happy to have me back! We had a fun day packed full of lots of different things from arts and crafts to swimming and life charts. Life charts is when you sit down as a family group (volunteer, kids and translators) and talk through the high points and low points of your life. As both of my boys had already shared earlier in the week they had little more to add but it was a good time to get to know my translator more.

We also did letter writing that day which is normally when it starts to dawn on everyone that camp will indeed end...

Thursday evening we had a special party. We got the chance to crown our buddies. The theme of the week was chosen so each volunteer stood at the front of the room and called their kids up one by one. They had to walk up a red carpet and be crowned while everyone cheered. It was such a special time where we really got to show each child how special we thought they were in such a hands on way! They loved it!!

My kids went to bed really really quickly as they were so tired so I went and helped out some other kids to bed. Two of the volunteers were sick that night so couldn't put their kids to bed so I was happy to help! I laid down beside little Sammy and tried to encourage him to go asleep! He tried to mess about by kicking and punching and rolling everywhere but I sang softly and eventually he fell asleep with his leg over my arm! I didn't want to move or wake Him up but I got my chance when he rolled over!

Friday morning was sad as the last morning. We read the letters and had our last song time singing the Bring Me Hope camp classics like Beautiful Day and WoAiNi/I Love You. The kids were all sad to leave but we took them for pizza just before. My older boy Kai cried and cried and cried. I wasn't sure how well he had bonded with me as he would easily run to anyone and give hugs and say he loved them but he cried in my arms repeating my name over and over again.but he sobbed and repeated my name over and over as I help him. It's tough sending them back.

Weekend of relaxing and recuperating and ready for week two.

A week till I leave china. I'm not sure how I feel about going home yet...

Pry for a good week please

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  1. Praying for everyone! I can't wait to advocate for these kids! Thanks so much for sharing your journey, but thanks a million times more for taking the journey in the first place!