Seeing them again!!

Yesterday was a whirlwind of a day! (My photos have to be screened from the orph and I'm not sure yet if i'll be allowed to share them online)

My train to SMX (where I spent two weeks last year) was at 8am so I had to get up before 6 to leave at 6:30 to make it across ZhengZhou. I didn't miss my stop on the train this time (which I did last year!!) and made it to the Orph.nage at 9:30! I walked in and looked around for people I knew. Lucas recognised me and called gege. He cycled over and gave me a hug! He has grown a bit since! I was told to wait outside for Matthew to come out as he didn't know I was coming! It was all going to be a big surprise! Benjamin saw me and came running over and tried to take me to Matthew! And sure enough a minute later Matthew walks outside! He looked at me and then suddenly his eyes popped open and a huge smile erupted on his face as he realised I had come!!

All of the kids were happy to see me!! I went inside and we played some games. At one point Matthew whispered to me 'wo qu meiguo' 'i'm going to america'. I was taken aback and smiled back at him. Later on I checked, and yes, he had been told that a family is trying to bring him home in time! (as he ages out of adoption mid september). Later on in the afternoon we sat down with three of the boys who are being adopted (Matthew, George and Kai) and talked to them a bit about their families. Kai is very nervous. He's quite shy so the thought of meeting all of those new people scares him. We talked through his family picture book that they sent and I told him a bit about the different people in his family (as I am in touch with them) and then we let him ask any questions. He seemed a little more comfortable later on. Especially when we said that he can stay in touch with his friends who also go to america as the moms all know each other now. Next Matthew. He was so happy and excited. He had only one or two questions and said he wasn't nervous about anything. He said he had never thought about being adopted so it was a big surprise but he is excited! He was he will sing them a song when they come for him!! George was a little quieter. He hadn't heard anything about his family yet so it was all new. I showed him some photos they sent me and told him a bit about them. He asked a few questions, just normal stuff like how will he learn English and as they have a swimming pool how will he learn to swim. He seemed happy and later on was showing his friends the photos proudly!!

It was a very special day to share those moments with those kids.

I noticed a lot of progress with the kids. Benjamin has better balance and I feel he can run better and not fall over. Lucas talks a lot more than he did last year and his speech seems clearer than before. That was great to see!

I feel so blessed to be able to advocate for these kids and then help them deal with being adopted.

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