Too fast

Time here is going way too fast. I'm half way through my trip now. I've been in China for four weeks now. It is crazy how normal it feels. Thinking of life at home feels like a distant memory sometimes. Life here just feels so much more. More fulfilling. More exciting. More meaningful. More like I'm following my calling. Everything more.

It doesn't get old. Waking up to kids excited to see me every morning does not get old. Visiting kids and them running over to give hugs even if I saw them earlier NEVER gets old. Tucking kids in and saying goodnight never gets old. All such special moments.

I know I've fallen behind on blogging but in my defense I've been really busy!! Here's some photos!

Having said all that serious stuff, I spent most of my days being very silly!!

Last week it was a birthday of a friend of mine Rose, who has visited Eagles Wings many times and knows and loves all the kids! as a surprise I got the kids to record a birthday message which they LOVED!! 

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