So I've fallen behind again. (I feel I'm saying that a lot!!) But here's a quick update.

This week some exciting things were happening at Eagles Wings. There was a team over from America to train the staff on how to work with children with different special needs like autism and children with communication difficulties. So all of the teachers from the EW school were attending the training all day. I was left in charge of the school. Let me tell you, there were many ups and downs for the week.

Some days went really well and others went... not so well let's say. Some were more tough than others. One day in particular I found it so hard. Many of the children were misbehaving and we probably didn't have enough helpers. But Donna Mama sorted them out the next day and they were then well behaved! We did lots of different activities from arts and crafts, to games, to stories, to song time to watching a movie. Later on in the week a team of volunteers joined in helping at the school which was awesome. We definitely noticed the difference having more hands on deck made!

I learned a lot being in charge of the school all week. One thing I'm learning a lot about this year in China is flexibility. I also saw first hand that things will often go far better when you have a detailed plan of what to do, especially when working with children. So the days I had written out what we would do went smoother than the times I was more unsure. A big learning experience!!

Saturday I actually got to sit in on some of the training as they worked with some of my kids. i'll tell you more about that tomorrow. Really tired after a long day of taking kids on trips and doing other fun things.

I have two full days left at ew. please be thinking of me as i have to say goodbye.

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  1. Sounds like you're having some awesome experiences. I know it will have to be hard to say goodbye to all those awesome kids.

    God bless,
    Joy :)