BMH Week 2; Day 4

Thursday morning is the dreaded letter writing time where we each sit down and write letters to each other. This week of camp was especially hard as I would be saying goodbye to kids I know better than any others. I wrote three letters, one for each kid and my translators helped them write letters to me. I then decided to write short letters for all the Eagles Wings 6 kids who I lived with. I’m not gonna lie, I did well up a bit when writing Wendy’s.

One moment that stood out was that Wendy asked me if I’m going back to 6. I clarified by asking if she meant the 6th floor, where my room was. No she meant back to Eagles Wings 6. My heart fell. I had to tell her that no I couldn’t go back and that I was going home to Ireland on Monday. Her little face looked so sad almost like she would cry but thankfully her buddy pulled her away for the next activity. Someday I wont have to say goodbye like that.

In the afternoon we did life-charts. This is where we sit down as a family group and talk about our lives, sharing about both the high points and the low points. So I started by sharing about my life then one of the kids went. Weird thing though was that Barry seemed to have forgotten a lot of his story since we did it last year. Either that or he wasn’t sharing. They just said they were happy, which I do believe for the most part. At Eagles Wings they do have happy lives.

Later on we had swim time. Zach is becoming a little more comfortable going in the water. He no longer says he doesn’t want to swim. And will be held by people other then me! One of the younger boys Bill wouldn’t go in the water all week. In fact he wouldn’t even take off his shoes or sit beside the pool. So I made it my mission to get him in the water and for him to see how fun it can be.  So I sat down beside him and got him to take his shoes off. One step at a time! Then we went and sat beside the water and after a minute or two I picked him up and slipped in the water. He clung so tight to my neck but didn’t shout or scream to get out. We walked around for a short while and slowly got used to the water. After a few minutes he was happily squirting people with a water gun! He even went to another volunteer who held him for the rest of the time as Zach was calling for me!

That evening we had a big celebration party! It was so much fun! It was all centred around the theme of the week which was CHOSEN. So we dressed them all up in cool outfit and then each volunteer called their child up one by one and crowned them. Everyone loved it! It was their chance to be special! We had some yummy cake to finish off the party.

Thursday night was a little sad and you could feel it in the atmosphere of the volunteer meeting that evening. Everyone knew it was the last night and no one wanted it to be over.  We made bed time even more special. We had lots of fun with glow sticks in the dark with barry, zach and one of the other boys. They LOVED it!! We let them stay up really late chatting, joking around and having fun! Saying goodnight and tucking them in was sad as it would be the last time I would do that. 

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  1. I can't imagine having to leave these kids after spending a week with them....but at least you do have a week to love on them (and help them to learn that swimming isn't scary)! :)

    Joy :)