Pray for Matthew

Please  pray for Matthew over the next few weeks. I first met him in 2011 at Bring Me Hope camp, he was the second orphan I ever worked with! I then got to spend two weeks at his orphanage in 2012. It was a big surprise for him and he was so excited to see me again! After that I started advocating for him and watched as time ticked and it became less and less likely that he would be adopted. Before I left for China again this year I had heard that he did have a family, but hadn't gotten any confirmation from anyone that it was definite. While I was in China I got in touch with his family and knew that he did indeed have a family racing through the process to adopt him! So towards the end of my trip I got to visit his orphanage for two days and see him again! Another surprise and he was equally excited to see me! I even got to talk to him about his family as he had already been told there was someone trying to adopt him.

Matthew has such little time. Could you please pray that the last few steps in the process are done so quickly. If they don't get to him and complete the necessary paperwork in China before his 14th birthday then he ages out and cannot be adopted. Pray that the last bit of paperwork can be sped along to give them enough time to get there!

Matthew is so excited about the prospect of a family! I just hope it will happen!

me and matthew this year

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  1. That's amazing news about Matthew! Count on my prayers. I was advocating for him on the advocacy yahoo group because of you bringing this special youngster to light. Please keep us posted!