In the nick of time....

To those who aren't friends with me on Facebook you won't have seen this but Matthew's adoption went through in the nick of time. Everything that could go wrong in this adoption did, but each door was opened at the very last minute. Literally. It can only be a miracle from God. No other explanation suffices!!

So on Tuesday afternoon last week he met his mom!! The following day they signed all the paperwork. And on Thursday, his fourteenth birthday they visited his orphanage for a birthday party with his friends! When he got there he ran around dragging his mom everywhere saying 'this is my mom!!'. He was so excited to finally have his own mom!! He had waited so so long!!

They named him Levi Matthew!

They've been together for nearly a week now! Please pray for them. I think they are ready to go home now but have to travel to another province to finish all the paperwork and process. All that is just formalities though! She has him!

I want to add what his mom wrote in a blog post:

While we were watching a seal show at the aquarium, Levi told our guide, "I am SO lucky!!" which she promptly relayed to me as he leaned over and gave me a kiss on the cheek!! He has bragged to everyone who speaks to him when we are out " This is my Mamma!!" I don't understand anything other than the word "mamma" but the beaming and the grinning and the happy faces of those with whom he speaks say it all in any language!!


  1. This makes me so happy!!!! I LOVE to see that huge smile on Levi's face!!

  2. Melts my heart... all the glory goes to God. Everything that has breath praise the Lord!


  3. That makes me so happy...I had been praying for him to find a family. God is good!