Launching Defend!

Two weeks ago a dream of mine finally became real! Through my advocacy work with Bring Me Hope, which landed me being the first advocacy coordinator - I started before the summer, I wanted to create a new advocacy site for the kids who come to the summer camps and are available for adoption. All of these kids are older (3yrs plus), most have special needs (from mild like repaired cleft lip and palate to more severe needs like cerebral palsy/ spina bifida, mental delays and medical needs) and on top of all that most are boys. Each of these three factors inhibits their chances at finding a family, but putting them together makes it so much harder.

To advocate means to plead on behalf of someone else or to stand up for their needs. Without an advocate who has spent time with the children, gotten to know them and love them as happens at camp, these children would be just another bunch of the thousands waiting. But they are NOT. We have met these kids, they are very real. They have real lives, personalities, tastes, emotions, and real pain. They have all experience real rejection at some point in their lives and some do on a daily basis. We believe that all children deserve to grow up in family so therefore we advocate to find them families.

The aim of Defend is simple - upholding the cause of the fatherless. Please go check out the site at . I am so pleased with the result! There is still work to be done, and lots more kids to be added but it is a good start!

Please share the site. You really never know who's lives and hearts will be touched for adoption!


NOTE: I am in Ireland, so for my Irish followers unfortunately special needs adoption is currently not possible for us. There will hopefully be a new program established in the very near future! So these children's best chances are in America.

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