So far

Trip is going great so far!! Arrived in China on Saturday evening after two flights. The first flight was quite rough, it was a small plane so turbulence was bad! Second flight was bad at first, they had to stop serving food because the turbulence was so bad! But it did calm down and I got some sleep and made a friend too!

Sunday went into Beijing city walked around some markets, chance to just breath in some Chinese atmosphere again!! Then we went to a meeting in the evening for foreigners.

This week (Monday-Thursday) I've been volunteering at a foster home which has been lots of fun! I wanted a taster to see if it's somewhere I would like to spend more time in the future, and yes it is! I think it's one of the best homes I've been to for orphans. The staff here are so caring! It's mainly run by Chinese staff with some foreigners to help too. I think that's a great model to have! Made some new friends too with some cute kids! One in particular who just came back from heart surgery when I got there! He is always happy to see me when I walk in!

The community here is really great too! For New Year we had a big party with the foreign and chinese staff! We played lots of games, ate good food and stayed up late! That's definitely one thing I love about this organisation, the great community!

I'm not allowed to share photos but you'll have to trust me that they're cute kids!

Pry points:
*Thankful for safe travels, good health and a great week so far.
*Ask for energy as jet-lag has been bad so far waking up at 4/5am! Today for the first time I was woken up by my alarm at 7am!
*Safety and great experiences for the last week of my trip!

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