How to help?

I am asking people to consider helping and supporting me in two different ways. Prayer and Financial.

Firstly could you commit to praying for me while I am away? If so please send me your email address and I will add you to a mailing list.

Secondly, could you consider making a donation (big or small) towards my trip. It isn't cheap to go to China for three months. All this year I have been saving up a lot for the trip, and my parents were able to help me a good bit too. I will not use any donations towards my own personal expenses, just towards the work I will do directly with the kids.
You can make a donation on the right handside of my blog in either euros or dollars. 
You can't come to China this summer? How about making a small donation to help someone else go and serve orphans.

*if you can make a donation, I would love to send you a thank you card - with a picture of one of the kids I've worked with!! Please send me your address so I can mail/post that to you!! 

Learn more about where I will be from their blog or website. Amazing organisation! I got to spend a few days there in January to see if it is somewhere I would like to go for longer, and yes it was. I am so fortunate to be able to spend so much time there this summer!! They care for sick and special needs orphans from all across China. I will be helping the Chinese staff and helping with the many different volunteers who come to spend time with the kids! One of my favourite things about this organisation (apart from the kids of course!) is the relationship the foreigners have with the Chinese staff. They really have some incredible Chinese staff at ND! I'm looking forward to seeing them all again and learning from them!

Above is Emma, (me) and Orla! The two girls are coming to New Day with me this summer! Orla for 6 weeks and Emma for three weeks!!

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