Summer 2014

In just a month I will be heading back off to China on my 5th adventure! At this point all the details are sorted, flights booked, majority of my schedule is sorted and visa application has been submitted!

Where will I be?

I will spend 11 weeks on a summer staff program with an organisaiton in a village just outside Beijing! It will be my first extended time in Beijing, so that's exciting!

What will I be doing?

The organisation I will be working with run a company, a foster home for orphans with special needs and medical needs, and a community centre for the local village. My role will be Foster Home Team Leader, so I will be working with the different volunteers that come for the summer and helping them and the Chinese staff there with that. This is a really exciting opportunity to develop my leadership and communication skills, and really learn from (what I would consider to be) one of the best homes in China.

How long?

I will spend 11 weeks with this organisation and then I will hopefully get to visit the kids I was with last summer and maybe visit somewhere new in China!

What can YOU do?

* Please pray for my upcoming trip. I will be away for 3 months, which is the longest I've ever been away from home for. Last summer I was away for two months so I'm adding an extra month to this trip! I have to get through exams here before I go, so I will be busy right up until I leave!
* Pray that I will learn so much from the staff there, the different volunteers from all across the world and that we will all be able to make a real difference in these kids lives. 
* Consider supporting me financially. To do so you can either email me (robmolloy93 AT or on the right hand side you will see a donate button. You can send me a donation (no matter how big or small!) that way. 


I won't be able to update by blog with photos this summer, the organisation (for good reasons!) have strict sharing policies about photos. You can however start following the Foster Home Blog which is updated every day with photos of the kids! Who knows, at some point during the summer a photo of me may end up on the blog!


Would you like to receive email updates while I am away? To hear more about how I am doing and maybe see some photos and know how you can pray for us? If so please send me your email address and I will add you to my mailing list! Send to robmolloy93 AT

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