A week in!

So our first week is now complete!! We had a busy first week being trained into our new roles! My role is working in the Foster Home, helping the staff there with all the different volunteers who will be coming to work with the kids. I will also have time to be with the kids and help with a few different projects that the foster home do! I will be there for 11 weeks so will have plenty of time to learn and get to know the kids and really help.

On Friday there was a ceremony for children's day (which is on Sunday) and to say thank you to one of the big sponsors of baby supplies. It was held in the backyard of the foster home and the kids all performed a song with actions/motions and we had some nice food too! I brought lots of Ireland t-shirts for the kids and they all wore them! Check out the facebook page to see pics!

This morning we held a father and son event for the families in the village! We had all sorts of games to play, and a craft (making a car that moves using a balloon) for them to do together! It was the first time to do this here and it went well!

Monday will be Dragon Boat Festival so we have the day off! We are going on a big adventure into the city (by public transport!) One of the Chinese staff is taking us so we are all excited about that!

Thanks for thinking of us, please continue to keep us in your prys as we get into our roles as summer staff!

Made it here!

Just a quick update to say that I made it safe and sound to China!! I arrived in Sunday morning to Beijing and was met at the airport by a friend and taken to where I will be volunteering most of the summer! On Sunday I got to meet the other summer staffers I will be working with, and hang out with some friends too!

Monday we started orientation, learning about what we will be doing and being trained in on how we will do it! That evening we also had a great Chinese meal! This week will be a slower start as wel all adjust to life here so some orientation and training every day.

Today (Tuesday) we got to teach at a local middle school (ages 12-15) which was a fun experience! We then got a quick tour of the foster home (for the benefit of newbies) and some background and training as to what we can/can't do in the foster home. It takes a lot to keep this home running so well!

Many more exciting things to come this summer!! Thanks for praying for our team. 

Will post some photos when I can! In the meantime keep an eye on the foster home blog.

A week!

It's a week until we (Orla and I) leave for China! Emma will join me after Orla leaves in July! Wow how time has flown! Thanks so much to everyone who has been praying for us, and who has donated towards my trip. Very appretiated!

An extra thanks also to those who donated towards some special infant vitamins I was asked to take over for some of the kids preparing for and recovering from surgeries at NewDay! I will be able to take over lots of extra supplies which they need!

Go back and check out How to Help with my trip, and to learn more About my Trip!

Awesome description of the amazing organisation I will be volunteering with:
With loyal supporters, a dedicated staff, and caring volunteers, ND's core mission of providing life-saving surgeries and a loving home to orphans with special needs from around China continues to transform lives. Since its founding in 2000, ND has expanded its programs to reach more children living in government institutions across the country through outreach work like the Formula Project and other initiatives. Every child deserves a healthy start and to know the love of a family, and our work makes these dreams a reality for hundreds of children.
We believe that love makes a difference, and we invite you to join us on this journey of hope.
Please pray:
  1. We would be ready (physically, emotionally & spiritually) for all we will experience this summer
  2. Our team mates from across the world, that we would all get on, learn from each other and serve the kids well together!
  3. The kids - that we will be able to make a positive impact!
  4. Good relationships to continue with the amazing chinese staff they have there!
Me, Orla and Emma practicing our poses for China!