Fun day!

Today was another awesome day! Our first big adventure out of the village! One of the staff took us by public transport into Beijing, which involves taking a 40 minute bus, followed by the metro and changing between the many different metro lines in Beijing. She showed us around a few different sights and then left us with money for dinner and journey home and we had to do it ourself! Thankfully we all made it! The subway is fairly easy but the bus is harder to know where to get off when we get to the village as its just a long long road that all looks the same with trees on either side.

In the morning we went straight to Temple of Heaven and walked around that park. We didn't go into any of the temples but we had a look around! What was most fun was seeing the old women and men dancing and playing games outside! We took some fun photos!

Then we went to HoHai which has a cool lake and Hutong area. This part of the Hutong (old buildings) has been restored so is much more touristy and developed. We visited some cool shops and took a group photo!

We then took the subway over to WangFuJing Street (Beijings 5th avenue). Picture the complete opposite of traditional old style China, Wangfujing street is very built up with every kind of shop you can imagine with many high end shops! We got some ice cream and then walked around the market area. Some of the girls were feeling extra brave and even tried some scorpion in the street food area! I certainly wasn't going to try it, but happily took a video of them doing it! We had a great dinner at pizza hut and then made our way home by subway (including changing line twice!) and getting a bus! We made it back in good time and that evening we had to practice our dance. On Thursday there is a big ceremony in the foster home and we offered to perform an Irish dance for all the guests and kids! It has to be really good and perfect by Thursday so we have lots of practicing to do!

Keep an eye on the foster home facebook page for lots of photos with the kids!


  1. Your pictures make me SO excited for my trip this summer!! Glad you're having a good time!

  2. Amazing photos, I will definitely have to visit one day :)