Going well!

The past two weeks have been quite busy! We are all well into the swing of our different roles.

Last Thursday there was a big ceremony at the foster home for a sponsor. It was a big affair with lots of officials there. There were lots of speeches from different people, the kids performed and the volunteers performed too! We performed an Irish dance. There were 10 of us dancing; 2 Irish, 7 americans and 1 Chinese!

My typical day here:

8am prayer meeting

9am-12pm work
12-1pm Lunch
1pm-5pm work

The 'work' consists of being in the office helping Sarah (my supervisor) with various tasks, coordinating where different volunteers should be (baby rooms, toddler rooms or pre-school) and also getting time to play with the kids too! I'm getting to know lots of kids too! Yesterday I was asked which kid is my favourite and I listed off about 5 or 6! Too many for just one! Make sure you read the Foster Home Blog!

One other exciting thing which happened last Saturday was one of the Eagles Wings boys (who I was with last summer) was adopted and his family were flying home through Beijing so we (me, Donna and Marissa) went to see them! Ethan didn't remember us but he was so happy with his new family!

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