I will add some photos soon!! This week I will make an effort to take more too ;)

On Saturday night we (summer staff) cooked dinner for the long-term volunteers and other short-termers. We probably took on a bit too much and decided to cook breakfast for dinner. Some of the american girls took charge and got everything together. We made french toast, bacon, scrambled eggs and potato hash brownes (american style which is basically just grated potato fried). It was a lot of work!! But it did all turn out well. Maybe next time we will do something easier ;)

Sunday some of us went into the city for BICF (international 'sunday group') with two of the long term families here. It was really cool! The particular service we were at is held in a cool restaurant with comfy seats. It was very laid back and relaxed. There were some songs, a testimony and a speaker. After the speaker there was group discussion time which was a cool way to do it.
After that we went to a Texas Grill restaurant! I had a pulled pork platter which consisted of a big bowl of pulled pork and two sides. SO good after a week of only Chinese food!! Then we went and did some shopping around a market. I bought a new pair of shoes (TOMS) and bargained them down quite a bit so I walked away happy with myself. On our walk around Beijing there were a few things that stood out to me. Many people with disabilities were begging at the side of the street. Most seemed to have some sort of deformity or really bad burn wounds. Seeing one particular man was quite shocking and sad.
Then we went to the main imported food store in Beijing for some food shopping! I picked up some (IRISH - Kerrygold) butter [it was funny they stocked quite a few different Kerrygold products!), some pasta and pesto and some bagels. This is mostly as a backup for those days when I just can't face Chinese food! I do love Chinese food though!

That evening we were at Donna's house for dinner and hung out there for a big which is always fun!

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