Last week, week 13

Wow! Time his flown by here in China. I've left Beijing for the next few days for my last adventure before I go home. I fly home next Sunday, leaving me just one week until I leave. Which also means I have been here for 12 weeks now. Crazy.

I arrived here at Eagles Wings Foster Home this morning. It's not my forth time here. I spent 5 weeks here last summer, then visited for 4 days in January, and also came in June to see one of the boys before he was adopted. So I know these kids really well. Some of my favourite little people in the whole world. I was welcomed by big smiles and shouts of 'Rob gege'. I will stay here until very early Tuesday morning when my next adventure begins...

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday bring a whole new adventure. I am helping with the Formula Project that New Day runs. We will be visiting three different orphanages (one each day) to distribute the formula and check on the children in the project (weighing and measuring etc.) It will be exhausting but I am looking forward to it! Read more about the formula project here.

Finally, I will return back to New Day for my last two days. I will spend Friday in the foster home seeing the kids for the last time. Saturday we will hopefully do something fun to celebrate/mourn my last day.

It has been an amazing trip. In some ways I am ready to go home, but I know once I get home I will miss China and what I have been doing here so so much. Thank you to everyone for your support.

Second time on the wall this summer!
Dinner at Sarah's (Chinese lady in black) I have mostly been working with her this summer!

Third time at the Great WAll this summer! Can you tell it was a much tougher climb? So sweaty!!

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