China 2015 Countdown: 100 days!

Surprise, surprise, I'm returning to China in 100 days! This will be my 6th trip to China! I have half a semester left of university followed by exams and then I will be heading out for two months this time.

I'm very excited to be going back and about what I'll be doing! Exact details about what I'll be doing are still being worked out so I will share more later on.

Some people have been asking: 'Since you are graduating after this semester, did you just get a one way ticket? Are you moving to China now?' Good question, but nope. Right now, I think the plan is to do a postgraduate degree in education. Though in the short-term it would seem so easy to just move straight to China now, thinking more long-term I want to bring over the skills that I feel are most needed and that will most benefit my long-term goals, but more on my 'long-term goals' another time! ;)

Please be praying for me as I finish off my last semester (undergraduate semester anyway) and prepare to return to China yet again! Thanks for all those who have supported me (morally, prayerfully and financially) so far in this journey!


  1. As I told you on IG, I am so proud of you. Making a difference to each one you meet and the very best way to spend a life {in my humble opinion}. You are a blessing Young man, and it is a privilege to call you "friend". Hugs from the desert of Arizona!

    1. Thanks Linny for always being so encouraging!