This summer

I handed my undergraduate dissertation in this week, and had my last class. I now have the next month to study for my final exams at the beginning of May and then I will be finished at Trinity College! I am off to China at the end of May. 

What will I be doing in China this summer?
I'm heading back to New Day Foster Home for two months again. This is where I was last summer. I will be taking part in the summer staff program. My role isn't completely set in stone but will involve helping train other volunteers and helping with child development and foster families. At this foster home, each child's (both in the home and those who live with foster families) development is tracked by each of the 5 development categories (gross motor, fine motor, speech and language, social and knowledge). Each child's development can then be tracket and compared to a typical child of that age. Due to medical conditions, the majority of these children have some sort of delay and this helps the staff know what they can focus on.

Screenshot from New Day website.

Where will I be?
I'll be in a small village on the outskirts of Beijing. It takes about an hour to drive in, or 1.5 hrs by public transport to get into the city.

Who is coming?
My sister Ciara and our friend Matt are coming to ND for the month of June, they will then move on and help run Bring Me Hope camps in Zhengzhou. Then in July two other Irish girls are coming to ND for their first time for the month! (actually, there could be another guy and another girl coming too! I'll update this when I know for certain!)

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Could you pray as our summer plans come together and for my future plans after graduating!

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