Made it!

After a long day of travelling (and a nice row to myself on the flight from London to Beijing!) I made it to New Day at midday, just in time for lunch! It was great to see everyone here and catch up and especially nice that even lots of the nannies remembered me as I walked by. I spent the afternoon catching up with people and hearing about any changes here, new people and even starting to discuss the program for the summer. The director even showed me some changes to the foster home such as a nearly completed speech therapy room!  I was still wide awake for most of the afternoon, probably on adrenaline and at 5pm we had the weekly fellowship for foreigners. By the end of that I was struggling to keep my eyes open. I had dinner with the Laurie's (my second family in China) as the next day Marissa is heading off to America for the summer. I somehow managed to stay late and got back to my room and fell straight asleep!

Today the plan is for the new summer staff to head into Beijing by public transport for an orientation on how to do that. So it will be great to get to get to know them all! Ciara and Matt arrive next Tuesday morning. This week will have some orientation and training etc.

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