A Special Day

Last weekend a friend from Bring Me Hope (the summer camp organisation), Effie the Chinese director, took a child from a private orphanage in Henan Province to Beijing for medical treatment. The girl was 14 and has butterfly disease or Epidermolysis bullosa (EB) which causes the skin to break and develop blisters from minimal contact. It's a vary rare disease and there isn't really a cure, so her skin had some big scabs and blisters. Effie took her to BJ to see a hospital to try get some treatment. They got some cream and learned how to wrap her skin to protect it some... but no cure. However, despite all of this, and what you might imagine would leave a girl feeling down, she was one of the most joyful people I have met. One of the first questions she asked me was if I love Jesus. Unfortunately she was stared at, a lot... And she is old enough to realise when people treat her differently...  

We took her to a few different places around Beijing. This was her first time to travel anywhere, especially to Beijing so everything was new! We started at Forbidden City, then walked over to WangFuJing street for lunch. We had pasta and pizza, her first taste of western food, Finally, we took her to a big lake area where we went on boat rides which she loved! It was truly an amazing day!! 

On Sunday she wanted to go to church before she left Beijing so Effie and I stayed with her in the youth section. It was Father's day and they were each given a postcard to write a message to God. Hers was this... 'Dear Father, please heal me'..... Friends, I wonder what our dreams were when we were 14. I'm sure it was likely to have this or that, or to go here or there... This girl has so much hope. I have so much hope. Could you join me in praying for her?

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