Hair Cut Adventure

Getting a hair cut in China is a fun adventure (and so cheap here in the village too!). Ciara (my sister) and I decided to go get our hair cut one lunch time this week - and had an interesting experience! I wasn't entirely sure what I wanted but I decided to go crazy as I'm away and it can always grow back. Let me first state they cost 15¥ (€2) each. 

Ciara went first. Hair washed in a very uncomfortable chair, then he got to work. See below:

Then it was my turn. I decided to go with a mohog and tried to explain this to the man. Unfortunately it didn't translate well through my broken Chinese and what he did first was not what I asked so he finally understood and I got a new hair style. Not exactly what I had in mind but i embraced it! 

Then, after a lot of gel and hair spray, I had my new hair cut. A bit different right! It was so fun seeing everyone's reactions that afternoon as they jumped back in surprise. This was definitely a China moment!

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