My Life Here

Wanted to share a bit about my life here for the summer. There's some photo's of the beautiful campus and my room. Monday to Friday we get up early to have breakfast before prayer meeting at 8am. We then start work at 8:30. Lunch is at 12 and then we work again from about 1-5pm, though the kids nap from 1-3pm so no volunteers go in at that time, unless they are tutoring the staff in English. I spend my days either helping in the office or in the foster home helping the staff and other volunteers. I often go in to make sure the other volunteers know where they should be and what they should be doing. In the office I'm either helping with planning or social media. Every Monday there are different seminars open for people to join and learn. Topics range from sign language, special needs and disabilities, and orphan care in China and adoption. I will be helping deliver the last two on orphan care in China and adoption from China - this will be a great opportunity to further develop my presentation skills. Saturdays are free and we often do some sort of sightseeing into the city, though some weeks I will just rest and spend some time with the long term volunteers here. Sundays we mostly go into the city for the International Church.

That's a quick glimpse into my life here, it's going great - of course there are some frustrations but overall I'm having a great time and learning lots. Now enjoy some photos:

The Campus 

On the left is the dining hall, on the right is the offices downstairs and the volunteer dorms are upstairs. The foster home and backyard are behind the building on the right. 

Dining Hall where we can eat breakfast and lunch. 

The Office

One side of the office! 
My desk in the office for the summer (beside the Education and Volunteer Manager)

My Room

I'm sharing with 2 other guys. We have a small kitchen area and a bathroom. It's quite a decent sized room!

Bathroom on the left, kitchen on the right.  
My bed is the bottom bunk.  
Our kitchen area! 

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