Two weeks in

I've now been here for two weeks, it has flown by, yet it feels like I've been here forever! 

What have I been doing so far?
Well each day is a bit different. The first week involved a lot of planning and helping assign jobs for the different summer staff, some of which had changed since they were originally invited to come. We then worked on training everyone into their roles and getting everyone set up. A few highlights:

Last Tuesday morning we had a big ceremony for a company that has sponsored all the diapers/nappies, tissues and wipes that New Day has used for 11 years. This has saved ND SO much money which can then be spent on higher staff ratios and surgery costs. My main role for the morning was assisting Kevin who was coordinating it all, so setting up projectors and screens for slideshows, having the gifts ready and making sure all the volunteers knew what they were to do. After two short speeches and a performance from the preschool kids, and 3 of the summer staff singing a song, we had different activities in the backyard for the kids. There was a large bouncy castle slide which everyone loved! Especially the nannies! As all the kids came, including those living with foster families locally, so I got to see baby Natalie again, the girl I named last year! See this link for a photo! 

On Sunday we went into the International Church and got to meet a friend who I met two years ago through the China orphan community! 

Today (Tuesday) we took 10 of the kids on a field-trip to a large play centre in a big hotel in the city. They kindly hosted us for free and gave us a great lunch too. It was so much fun! 10 kids, 8 volunteers and 5 Chinese staff came along. They had large slides, padding everywhere and netted enclosures. The kids had a LOT of fun. We each had one kid as a buddy for the morning and helped them play and made sure they were ok. I was with this boy (see link) and we had a lot of fun - he was fearless going down the big slides! There should be a blog post on the New Day blog soon with lots of photos. I'll post a link when that's there. 

I've also been able to help a bit with one boy who has a medical condition that has delayed his development. As he is getting the right medical treatment he can now start to catch up. So I've helped Ciara my sister do his physical therapy, and also taken him outside to the beautiful backyard which he loves! 

What will I be doing going forward?
The woman in charge of the social media has to go away for a week or two, and I have been asked to take over while she is away. So I will be running the New Day Facebook page and the New Day Blog while she is away. I have run the Instagram page for the past year which has been a lot of fun sharing stories and photos every day, but this will be a big step up. New Day has over 12,000 Facebook followers and many who daily follow the blog too. This will be an awesome opportunity!! 

Can't share photos of the kids, so if you're not on my email update list, contact me to get on that! Thanks :D


  1. I have been praying for you Rob!! I am so glad you are there to serve - what an awesome example you are to so many!! May God multiply your efforts exponentially!

  2. Sounds like you're having a lot of fun!! Love on those babies for me!! <333

  3. Sounds like you're having a lot of fun!! Love on those babies for me!! <333