Big News!

I have some big news to share... It won't come as much of a surprise to most of you and many do know.

I'm moving to China!

I have been accepted to volunteer with ICC (International China Concern) for 8-9 months in Hunan Province. ICC is a 'Christian development organization that changes lives by bringing love, hope and opportunity to China's abandoned and disabled'. They have three different projects; two in Hunan and one in Henan. In 2012 I did one of their 'China teams' for two weeks at their Henan project. I love everything ICC does and am very excited at this opportunity. I have thought for a while that this is an organisation I would be very interested in working with long-term when I am ready for that. I especially love their increasing emphasis on preventing child abandonment. So focusing on the route of the problem and supporting families to enable them to keep their children. 

Many of you will realise that this was not the original plan I had talked about. I was originally supposed to move to Zhengzhou to teach English, but a few things didn't work out with that and as I started praying I felt that was not going to be a good fit. After discussing it with my parents and mentor type figures both in China and at home I realised if I am coming to China for a year I should do something along with my passion and calling, with special needs children and orphans. God gave me such peace that it would work out and be even better than I had originally thought and planned. ICC will give me this opportunity. I head back to China 25th August and start with ICC a week later.

What will I be doing?

ICC suggest volunteers spend their first month settling in and getting a feel for the different areas that need help. I do know they need some help with advocating and putting together advocacy profiles for each child that is available for adoption. This involves getting to know and spend time with the children available for adoption and putting together some photos and basic information. The children all have proper medical files so this is more to help potential families get to know the children's personalities. This is something I do have experience with from ICC's other location and from volunteering at Eagles Wings and of course Bring Me Hope (where I ran the advocacy program for a year!).

I also know they need some more help with the older boys, mentoring and running activities for them as a long-term volunteer who did that has just left. Either way I know I will be kept busy there as there are lots of needs.

Could you help?

My flights are paid for already, and I do have some (small) savings that can be used to help with some costs but I will need to raise some more money. If you would be interested in partnering with me on this and being apart of this please do get in touch. There is a paypal donate link on the 'Support Me' page. The cost of living in Hengyang is not very high. I am working out a rough budget of what I will need, I would be happy to share that with anyone who wishes to see. If you would prefer to donate by bank transfer or other way please get in touch through the contact me page at the top. For US tax-deductible donations please contact me. THANK YOU!!! It's not nice asking for money, not what I like doing at all but I trust as God closed one door to open this door, He will also provide a way.

Please pray for the money to all come in. Pray for good preparations at home having to get a new passport and new visa.

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  1. Great news Rob! We need people to be the hands and feet of Jesus to our kids so I hope people will support you as a way of supporting them. You'll be a great asset to the team!